Being a professional

Article title: “12 Non-Negotiable Traits to Work on My Team”

Good post on how to act and be a professional.
These are all ways that I personally try to behave in my work efforts. Maybe that’s just my parent’s work effort coming through. Maybe it’s that I realize that you need all these elements to not only personally succeed, but to have your team succeed as well. That and I’m open and willing to change and adapt to make sure that these traits are displayed by myself on the team to lead by example. The problem is that not everyone is willing to change, adapt, and be flexible as that is their personality type. Unfortunately, those are some of the key traits on this list…

Frankly, I wouldn’t care how much anyone on my team did or didn’t like their job or the work they are doing on a regular basis. Just show up with these characteristics and everyone will succeed. My goals do not include to hold you back as an employee. I’d rather lift you up. Without demonstrating these traits, it’s kinda hard to do that a lot of times. Positive feedback is tough to come across to deliver to those members of your team. You have to find something, though!

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