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Various information on agile practices and methodologies that I find useful and interesting. May also contain my own comments and interpretations of agile practices.

Agile Coaching Paths

I’ve thought a lot about agile coaching the past few months. After achieving my CSP, the next step is really to become certified as a coach. I’ve always enjoyed teaching others new things, especially when I’m passionate about it. Agile is one of those things.

In my normal reading today on LinkedIn, I ran across an article from Eliassen about becoming an agile coach. It’s a good summary of what to do. The keys they cover are

  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Teaching
  • Consulting

Coaching to me really covers all of the other three aspects. You can, and should, do each of the others without being a “coach”. If you’re doing each of the others together, maybe you are a coach.

I am interested in the other area of certification that they mention – the IC Agile Coaching tracks. I’ve only recently heard of these and need to investigate them further. More than likely, I can get several of their certifications, too, since I already have my CSP from Scrum Alliance.

Watch this space for more on each of the above topics in the coming weeks as I start to blog more to help document my progress in this area and help others understand what to do and, more importantly, how to do it.


Data priorities

Is data the thing that the business cares about, or is it processes and decisions that the business is trying to enable that is important? If you start with the processes and decisions that are most critical to your organization, and then identify the data that is feeding those processes, you’re going to do a lot better job of scoping, prioritizing and building a value-driven business case for your data management investment.

Mark Brunelli

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