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Agile Coaching Paths

I’ve thought a lot about agile coaching the past few months. After achieving my CSP, the next step is really to become certified as a coach. I’ve always enjoyed teaching others new things, especially when I’m passionate about it. Agile is one of those things.

In my normal reading today on LinkedIn, I ran across an article from Eliassen about becoming an agile coach. It’s a good summary of what to do. The keys they cover are

  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Teaching
  • Consulting

Coaching to me really covers all of the other three aspects. You can, and should, do each of the others without being a “coach”. If you’re doing each of the others together, maybe you are a coach.

I am interested in the other area of certification that they mention – the IC Agile Coaching tracks. I’ve only recently heard of these and need to investigate them further. More than likely, I can get several of their certifications, too, since I already have my CSP from Scrum Alliance.

Watch this space for more on each of the above topics in the coming weeks as I start to blog more to help document my progress in this area and help others understand what to do and, more importantly, how to do it.