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Job Search – Reaching out to your contacts

Many people are out of work in America today. I’ve heard as many as 1 in 4 are out of work right now. That’s a lot. It’s the highest I remember.

At the same time, I hear that many companies are hiring. So fear not, friends! Hold hope that your next job role is out there!

My assumption is that you’ve been working on your LinkedIn profile. If you haven’t been, that will be the topic of a different post in the future. Or check out the podcast from Manager Tools. Meanwhile, if you have found that perfect role – or something you think you’re at least 25% qualified for – let’s talk about how to find out more information about that role.

Reaching out to contacts about a specific role

Today we’ll talk about reaching out to your network about specific roles that you find. Most people know that getting a referral into a company is usually the best way past the automated resume scanners. So how do you find out more about that role, team, the manager, the company and then get that referral?

Note: This is NOT about asking the person for the job. That’s for AFTER you get the interview. You can only Close when you wrap up an interview.

People Search

Search box in LinkedIn

At the top of every page in LinkedIn is the Search box, as shown above. Click here and search for the company for that job that you’ve found. In this case, I’m going to use Fidelity Investments as the company in my search.

Search results for Fidelity Investments

As you can see in the above screen shot, there are several immediate results returned. In this case, we are going to choose “fidelity investments in People”.

Search results

At this point, I see a resulting page with a LOT of results. Now let’s limit our search down to just our contacts. Choose the Connections drop-down and select 1st from the list. Once the checkbox is selected, click the “Apply” button.

Choose 1st Connections

The resulting list will be people that you are directly connected to.

1st connections search results

I’ve quickly gone from 138,000 connections to 391. That’s still a lot of people. I can then narrow the search down based on the company location based on the job role that was posted and other criteria for your search.

Company Search

Similar to the connection search above, sometimes you may have to look at the company to see who you’re connected with. In this instance, I’m going to see if I can find someone who works at SiriusXM to connect with them about a role.

Company search results

In this case, there is not an option for “…in People” in the immediate search results as we had in the previous example. So we’ll just choose the company site.

Company page for SiriusXM

From here, there are several ways to continue your search. I’m going to use the same method as we did above. To take the next steps, I’m going to click on the link for “See all 5,754 employees on LinkedIn” that I highlighted above. This will take us to a similar page that we saw in the previous People search example.

Company search results screen

Just like in the previous example, we’re going to click on “Connections” and choose “1st” and then click the Apply button.

No results found

In this case, I have no 1st connections at SiriusXM. So I’ll go back to the same button and add “2nd” connections and click “Apply”.

Search results for 1st and 2nd connections

At this point, I’m down to 25 connections. This makes it easier to do a search and find someone I’m looking for. At this point, I would look for someone who is in the region for the job posting that I saw to help narrow down the results even further.

Reaching out

Once I’ve got the list down to a few people, I can then reach out to them about that specific role through either LinkedIn Messages, email, text, or whatever the best communication method is best for your reaching out to that person.

If someone you’re reaching out to is the 2nd connection, then find out who the 1st connection is and reach out to them first. Ask them how well they know the person, if they could introduce you to the person, and if they could help you get more information about the role, team, manager, etc. about the company.

Wrapping up

Be sure to use these tips to reach out to your network. Find out more information about a role, the team, the company, the location, or whatever you’re most interested in about the company.

Best of luck to you in your search. And if I can help connect you to someone, please reach out! I look forward to help you!

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Job Search – Actionable Items To Complete

Someone else tweeted a good article about actionable items to take care of during a job search. It’s always good to set small goals that you can actually achieve.

Even with how busy I’ve been on my job search, I’ve been doing most of these. This blog is one of them. I’ve been working on the infrastructure of the site for a couple weeks. Just this morning, I found a copy of ALL the posts I’ve lost from eons ago when I was posting more regularly. Watch for those to get uploaded this week as soon as I can tackle that small job! I want to back up everything first, then see about syncing the files. We’ll see what happens! I’m excited about getting that lost information back up here. There’s not a lot of massive posts with truly insightful information. However, it’s a lot of how I’ve been thinking over the years. That’s why I’m excited to get it back.

This blog will continue to be just short snippets of information that I find. It’s a place for me to collect my thoughts and post information that I want to find later. And to show what my general philosophies are about work and life in general.

Being laid off

Read a great article a couple months ago about being laid off. If you’ve prepared properly, this is worth doing.

I was laid off a fair number of years ago. I couldn’t afford lots of down time. However, I did make time to enjoy myself during my search. Since then, I’ve made sure to follow some of this advice even while on the job. You should do the same!

Is your life “stacked”?

I read an article today about Business Architecture. After reading it, I realized they were talking more about small businesses and the concepts they need to keep in mind for their business to succeed.

Then I remembered that we are all independent contractors of a sort. We just hire our skills out to various companies and get paid for that work. We generally call that a job.

If we are independent contractors to ourselves, we have our own personal small business. Why shouldn’t we have these concepts for ourselves? What is your mission? Values statement? 
I’m not 100% sure of mine. I have some ideas, but have never written them down. I think I’ll do that this week. Watch this space for more info!