Testosterone and business deals

I have no idea how true this is. Just thought it was interesting…

Negotiating a deal? Check out your opponent’s right hand for some clues on how vengeful they might be (no joke).
 Here are the final three paragraphs of the article (http://bit.ly/hUkp57).

Good stuff…
”Testosterone is a hormone associated with status-seeking and a need to save face,” notes Adam Galinsky, the Kellogg professor who co-wrote the study. “It makes a powerful difference in how people respond to situations.

“People with low testosterone — that is, with a noticeable difference in the length of their second and fourth digits — may perceive that they’re being treated unfairly, but they’re likely to go sulk in a corner.”

However, Galinsky says, “If you’re looking across a bargaining table at someone who has a slight difference, or no difference, between the second and fourth digits, be careful.” Make an extra effort to mollify that person and stroke his ego, because doing otherwise is “like slapping a sleeping tiger.”

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